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The Benefits of a Hot Tub Cover

Andy Inman @ 2016-04-07 11:08:10 -0700

Your hot tub is meant to be a place for fun and relaxation, and it's important to take care of the investment you've made in it. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor hot tub, purchasing a hot tub cover is a good idea. If you already have a cover, you may want to consider upgrading it. 

hot tub cover

The Benefits of Hot Tub Covers

A spa cover can prevent dirt, leaves, insects, and other debris from getting inside, which will make it easier to clean your spa. In addition, your filter won't get as dirty and won't have to be changed as often. 

Covers can also help prevent accidents and give you peace of mind about your hot tub. If your spa is covered, it reduces the chance that a child or pet could fall in. Getting one with a lock is a great way to make sure no one is using your hot tub when you're not home.

Another important benefit covers offer is insulation. Covers make it easier for the water to heat up, so investing in one can help you decrease the amount it costs to run your hot tub. 

Types and Applications 

There are both hard and soft hot tub covers available to choose from. Soft, rolling covers made from vinyl and foam are a great option for indoor hot tubs. These covers come with a plastic vapor barrier which helps with insulation, and they're easy to put on and take off. However, they probably won't provide as much protection as a hard cover.

Hard covers with hinges are often a good option for outdoor hot tubs as they're better at providing protection from the elements. They tend to be sturdier, which makes them ideal for preventing accidents. Whichever type you choose, take the thickness and quality into consideration.