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MSC Spa Cover Cap | Spa Cover Protector

The MySpaCover Spa Cover Cap is made with 600D polyester with a PVC back coating used to protect your spa cover investment by providing that extra level of protection against the elements such as rain, sleet, snow. Each spa cover cap is equipped with 4 PVC coated handles, an elastic hem cord and two plastic adjustable clips for a tight secure fit and a carrying case for convenient storage. MSC’s spa cover protectors are available in sizes 85x85, 90x90, and 95x95 and in grey and khaki color.

Total Price: $ 41.99 $ 93.00

What Is a Spa Cover Cap?

Spa cover caps, often referred to as hot tub cover caps or spa cover protectors, protect your spa or hot tub cover from the elements and other harsh environmental conditions. Spa covers play an important role in keeping debris and animals out of your unit when not in use, but that doesn’t mean that these are foolproof against the elements. Spa cover caps shield these covers, which can cost up to 400 dollars or more, from discoloration and other events with a tough polyester shield that is sure to last for years to come.

Why Go With a Spa Cover Cap?

Spa cover caps are an effective way to protect your investment from whatever nature has to throw at it. Things like wind, snow, ice, and other natural events can ultimately damage your spa cover and even your spa or hot tub. Excessive sunlight can cause discoloration and transform your cover into an eyesore, while pets and children could potentially scratch or cause other undesirable damage to your investment. Spa cover caps, or spa cover protectors, were created to reduce that damage and give you a durable way to protect your investment from harsh weather conditions or whatever else Mother Nature has to throw at it!