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Can hot tub covers melt?

Go Fish Digital @ 2021-05-06 03:02:31 -0700

Our Spa Cover foam cores are made from expanded polystyrene, or EPS. EPS is a tough and rigid closed-cell foam. This is important as the closed-cell foam retards water absorption and helps the spa cover live its longest possible life.
Foam density not only plays a large roll in the overall insulating ability, but also in the longevity of the spa cover foam core. Increasing the foam density is the primary component that determines the cover strength and how much water / melting snow it can hold before it cracks or breaks.

When something is placed on top of a spa cover and the sun then heats the item, the spa cover will inevitably collect the heat intensity and prevent the heat from dissipating, thus causing melting.

Industry professionals warn against the following items that have a history of melting spa covers:

  • Pool toys such as inflatable rafts or tubes
  • Wet towels laid on top of the hot tub lid to dry
  • Nearby windows that reflect and focus the sun’s rays directly onto the spa cover like a magnifying glass
  • Clothing laid on the cover while tubing

We highly recommend taking great care and precaution in avoiding any times left on top of the spa cover. Because items left on the spa cover are out of our control, our manufacture warranty does not cover melted foam cores.