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Hydraulic Spa Cover Lifter
Hydraulic Spa Cover Lifter

Increase the convenience of using your hot tub! This cover lifter makes taking your spa cover on and off a breeze.

With this Hydraulic Lift you don't need to drill into your hot tub - simply slide under your spa and you're good to go!  Our Hydraulic lift sells for over $250 elsewhere- take advantage of our deep discounts with your Spa cover purchase!

50% Off
Spa Cover EZ Lifter
Spa Cover EZ Lifter

The Ideal E-Z Lifter derives it’s name from being easy to install and easy to operate. One easy motion lifts any cover up to 96″ and stores it in an upright position!


Fits most spa shapes and attaches to the hot tub’s base or directly to your deck. There’s no need for large mounting plates or permanent cover attachments with E-Z Lifter.


Simple, durable, reliable!  Ideal E-Z Lifter is the affordable spa cover removal & storage system you can depend on.

Requires just 18" of clearance from any wall in order to function properly.