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Why MySpaCover?

MySpaCover is one of the largest suppliers of affordable hot tub covers in North America. Our competitive pricing, quality material, investment in technology, skilled workforce and industry leading warranty set us apart as the best choice for your new spa cover.


  • We utilize the thickest and densest foam to maximize heat retention and energy efficiency.
  • Our customers save an average of $72.50 annually on their utility bill. Your new spa cover will pay for itself before the warranty is up!


  • 30oz+ thickness for the greatest durability and guaranteed longest lasting surface area
  • We leverage our buying volume of over 1,200,000 yards of marine grade vinyl a year to achieve the lowest price for the highest quality.
  • Using high-quality vinyl is critical to ensuring you get the most use out of your spa cover replacement.


  • We use the most sophisticated cutting and measuring technology available in the market place, ensuring the perfect custom hot tub cover every order.
  • The investment in our equipment and technology enables us to operate more efficiently, thus passing those savings to our customers.


  • MySpaCover employs industry veterans with 20+ years experience in stitching and sewing.
  • We became the largest and most trusted spa cover supplier by hiring the best people and creating the highest quality spa product.
  • We make spa covers fully customized to suit your needs.
  • All spa covers are double stitched to ensure durability.


  • Our warranty is a badge of our confidence. We stand behind our quality material and talented workforce by offering the best warranty available in the industry of 5 years.
  • Less than 1% of our customers submit a warranty claim.


We Manufacture Every Spa Cover Replacement To Exact Specifications Ensuring The Perfect Fit

Cal Spas
Coleman Spas
Dynasty Spas
Master Spas
Hotspring Spas

Custom Hot Tub Covers Fitted To Your Specifications

When it’s time to replace your hot tub and spa covers, put your trust in MySpaCover to create a replacement spa cover you are guaranteed to love. We create custom hot tub covers and spa covers that fit the exact specifications of every top spa brand, ensuring that you will have a perfect fit every time. We utilize the thickest and densest foam in our replacement spa covers to maximize heat retention and energy efficiency. And because of this industry-leading insulation technology, our customers save an average of $72.50 annually on their utility bill.

When to Replace Your Spa Cover

Spa covers are a smart investment to make because they protect your spa from damage and save money on electricity costs. They are made to last for years, but no matter how high quality your spa cover is, it will inevitably start showing signs that it’s wearing out and needs to be replaced. Some of the tell-tale signs include sagging, cracks or rips, waterlogging, or a general foul odor. When you see any of these red flags pop up, you need to act fast to continue giving your spa the protection it needs. The good news is that replacing your spa cover has never been easier than with MySpaCover. Get started today and have your spa cover replacement in no time!

Caring For Your Hot Tub Cover

We take pride in crafting hot tub covers that are built to last. One way to ensure that your spa cover will last as long as possible is to perform proper at-home care. To clean your hot tub cover, simply wipe it down with water on both the interior and exterior sides. In addition, we highly recommend that you keep your hot tub cover clear of debris, snow, ice, and rain whenever possible. We also recommend that you keep your spa uncovered for at least an hour every week to allow it to breathe. Furthermore, be sure to remove your hot tub cover when you shock your spa for at least an hour as this is very important to ensuring the health of your cover. This action will prevent the chemical cloud and moisture of the hot tub from collecting inside the cover. With these quick and easy tips, you can make your investment last even longer.

How We Ensure the Quality of Your Hot Tub Cover

Our team of hot tub cover professionals is committed to providing you with the best product and experience possible. As such, our spa covers are meticulously checked before they are shipped. Each hot tub cover goes through a rigorous quality assurance process. This includes a brand and model dimensions review of the cover to ensure that the size will match your spa perfectly. In addition to that, we review the environment you live in to send you the most well equipped hot tub cover for your location. After ensuring that you will get the perfect spa cover, we'll ship it out to your home, free of charge!

Customer Service You Can Count On

MySpaCover is the largest hot tub & spa cover distributor in North America and our goal is to give our customers the highest quality product at the best price possible. We provide hot tub covers all across the country from California to Texas to Florida! MySpaCover can ship your product anywhere in the United States, no matter if you live in New York or Washinton State. We are here to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our replacement spa covers, so please reach out with any questions you may have. Our team of friendly representatives is standing by to provide knowledgeable customer service so you can get your hot tub cover quickly and easily. Rely on MySpaCover for your next hot tub cover purchase!