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My spa cover model is not on your list, what should I do?

Don’t see our make or model on our list? No Problem! We manufacture every spa cover to order. Making you the perfect cover is our guarantee! Download our measuring guide here. Our customer service team is here to assist you in measuring the dimensions of your spa and answer any questions you might have. Call us at 800-979-2984 M-F 7am-5pm PST.

I have a custom size / inground spa, are you able to make a cover for me?

Yes! We’ve made thousands of custom covers ranging from large in ground hotel resort spas to 20’ swim spas. Our design and engineering team will produce a custom CAD drawing for you prior to production to ensure we make the perfect spa cover for you. We even made a special skid proof bottom and custom spillway block. Call our team for a custom quote 800-979-2984 or email us at We guarantee the highest quality cover for the best price.

How important is my hot tub cover for energy savings?

Many people make the mistake of replacing their spa cover years after it should be done- when it is literally falling apart. Once a spa cover begins absorbing water in the core (and is heavier than it should be!) you will lose heat retention, thus spending more money to heat your spa. Our top rated insulation has proven to save up to $80 / year in electricity costs vs. old covers.

What is the R Value?

The R Value of a cover measures its ability to retain heat. utilizes the highest R value rated insulation in the market place. Because R28, R30, etc. means very little to the spa owner, we’ve translated the R value of our covers into ‘estimated annual energy savings’ Select your model or shape here (link to collection page) to view our different insulation types and estimated savings. Estimates on national electricity cost averages and can range depending on your local climate.

Why do hot tub covers go bad?

The primary reason a hot tub cover goes bad is water absorption into the insulation core. This happens for two reasons: Low Quality Materials and Poor Chemical Care. Many spa covers sold on the internet utilize a “mesh bottom” which is a cheap material that allows for water absorption over time. MySpaCover utilizes a 11oz PVC Coated Poly for maximum insulation protection. We also utilize a 6mil plastic wrap vapor sealed to the insulation core. Our competition uses a 2 mil wrap and often is sealed just using tape, allowing water to enter the insulation.

How long will it take to receive my hot tub cover? makes every spa cover to order. Production time is an estimated 2-3 weeks with an expedited 10 day option available. Depending our where you live shipping will take 2-6 business days.

My spa cover has speakers / TV / custom cover lifter, are you able to help?

Absolutely! Because we make every spa cover to order, we literally can implement any custom design including speaker hoods, TV hoods, custom cuts, and lifter plates. Our design and engineering team will provide a custom CAD drawing to ensure we have everything perfect prior to entering production. Call our team for a custom quote at 800-979-2984 or email us at

How can you guarantee the highest quality for the best price?

We’ve invested significantly into our technology and workforce. We also maintain the largest buying power of raw materials in the marketplace. These two factors combined enable us to offer our customers the highest quality spa cover at the best price available.