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Hot Tub Cover Measuring Guide

When it comes to purchasing a replacement hot tub cover, taking proper measurement is the key to receiving the perfect product. Read through these step by step directions to ensure that you are taking accurate measurements for your new spa cover. If you have any questions whatsoever about how to measure a spa cover feel free to contact our team for help. We are on stand by and happy to assist you in ordering the right product for your hot tub or spa.

I. Deciding What To Measure:

If any of the following apply to you, measure your existing cover:
  • Cover must be in decent condition. Natural wear and tear is fine.
  • Cover has not warped, become water logged, or changed shape since its purchase.
  • You are happy with the way the current cover fits.
If any of the following apply to you, measure your hot tub:
  • You have no existing cover.
  • Your current cover is warped, has become water logged, or changed shape since its purchase.
  • Unhappy with the way your current cover fits.

II. How to Measure:

Round up measurements to nearest half inch or inch. A cover that is 1-2 inches too large will fit just fine but a cover that is too small will decrease the insulation. If your measurements are close to being perfectly square (ie: 78.5” x 78”), it probably is a perfect square.

III. Where to Measure:

Choose which installation type looks most like yours:

graph displaying different installation types for classic, top rail, and inground spas

IV. Choose a Shape and Measure:

chart showing all of the different hot tub shapes and sizes

V. Choosing a Fold/ Hinge:

graphic explaining the folds and hinges of spa covers

An “A Fold” cuts the A dimension in half, a “B Fold” cuts the B dimension in half. If you have a cover that is perfectly square, a fold/hinge does not need

  • Where is the control panel located? It’s most common for covers to fold away from the control panel.
  • The longer dimension is usually the one that get folded in half, but this is not always the case.
  • Ask yourself: Is there anything obstructing the path of the cover opening and closing that would change the hinge? (ie: fence)

VI. The Corner Radius:

instructions showing how to measure the corner radius using a carpenter’s square

If you don’t have a square handy:

instructional graphic explaining how to measure the corner radius without a carpenter’s square

VII. Measuring the Skirt and Strap:

example guide of how to measure the spa cover skirt with a ruler

A 4” standard skirt length will be used if no custom length is requested.
The cover skirt is the that hangs around the edge from the bottom of your cover. Measure the skirt of your spa from the bottom of the cover down. For no skirt, enter zero; the minimum length for a skirt is 1.5”.

depiction of how to measure the hot tub cover strap length with a rule

A 9” standard strap length will be used if no custom length is requested.
To get an accurate measurement of the safety strap, you need to measure it from the bottom of the cover down and include the skirt length but not the clip. The strap needs to hang at least 1.5” below the skirt. It is also good to note that due to production variations it cannot be guaranteed you will receive a matching strap placement. Straps are required on every cover.


Have you completed your measurements? If so, you’re ready to purchase your custom spa cover. Browse our customization options and place your order today. Shop now!