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Oversized Spa Covers & Custom Hot Tub Covers

Is your hot tub cover oversized or unique in shape? MySpaCover specializes in making oversized and custom covers that are suited for your needs! We’ve made thousands of custom spa covers that range from a basic kidney-shaped to show-stopping luxury resort spas. No matter the shape of your spa, we have the industry-leading expertise needed to create the perfect spa cover for you.

We understand that, to some people, a spa should be as unique as they are. That is why we provide custom, one-of-a-kind spa covers that are designed to fit onto your unique spa like a glove. This will ensure that your spa will be protected against the elements and save money on your energy bill.

We guarantee the best quality custom spa cover at the best price in the industry. Every custom spa cover is accompanied with a free, detailed CAD drawing by our engineering and design team to ensure that your spa cover is made to your exact specifications. And even though your spa cover may be unique, its quality isn’t. Your custom spa cover will be made to our highest standard, ensuring that you will have a product you love for years.

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unusual shapes examples
unusual shapes examples