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high density spa cover insulation

 The energy cost of a hot tub is the most significant factor in its overall lifetime cost. Spa owners are often all too familiar with this. Spa ownership, however, can be easier on the wallet than many think.

While there is naturally some energy cost that comes with spa ownership, there are actions that you can take to save money with your hot tub.

The first thing any hot tub owner should check is the cover. The covers that come with most hot tubs are not made from high-grade materials and because of that, they let a substantial amount of heat flow through them. In order to protect from heat loss we recommend insulated spa covers made from high density foam.

At My Spa Cover, we utilize the thickest and densest foam to maximize heat retention and energy efficiency. Our customers save an average of $20-100 per year on their energy bill. Your new spa cover will pay for itself before the warranty is up!

While the energy savings upfront are a bonus, insulated spa covers save you money throughout the life of your spa cover. Because our spa covers are made with durable material, they will keep saving money on your heating bill year after year.

Learn more about the high quality, insulated hot tub covers offered by My Spa Cover. It is our mission to transform your spa experience with spa covers and accessories that stand the test of time.