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Softub 300 Spa Covers

If you need to replace your Softub 300 spa cover, look no further than MySpaCover. At MySpaCover, we custom build each of our Softub 300 spa covers to an industry-leading standard to guarantee that you will receive a quality product that will last for years. With our top-rated, energy-saving insulation, you can even save up to $80 per year on your electricity bills!

Each Softub Spas Softub 300 Spa Cover is made to order with exact manufacturer dimensions, but we recommend measuring and remeasuring your Softub Spa to ensure that we can create the perfect fit for your Softube 300 spa. Learn how you can accurately measure you spa by watching the video below.

Additional Softub 300 Details:

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Be sure to double check your cover fold! Fold A cuts dimension A in half, Fold B cuts dimension B in half.

Foam density is the strength of the foam. Higher density means stronger foam. When combined with added thickness, stronger and thicker foam will result in better insulation and a longer lasting cover. Our foam is the highest quality in the industry, tested to withstand the harshest climate and retain the most heat. The results? Better insulation and durability. The density of your spa cover has the greatest impact of durability.

Thickness and Taper. The taper allows water to run off the spa cover, while thick enough to retain heat and reduce electricity costs. Combined with foam density, it completes your cover's strength, durability and energy efficiency. All of our covers are tapered for proper water run off. The thickness of your spa cover has the greatest impact of heat retention.

The combination of your foam density and thickness determines the strength, durability and energy efficiency of your spa cover. It protects your hot tub from the effects of outside elements - weather, children, and pets- while retaining heat and temperature to increase energy efficiency and saving you money on electricity.